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@PaybookSA I can't believe it. I actually got paid my first R100 to my ewallet! Only been a @PaybookSA member for three days.This Rocks! RT!

Tihan Van Der Walt

@PaybookSA excites me! You wanna know why? www.paybook.co.za

Zandi Mzondeki

Watch adverts, answer questions, EARN! how awesome! go to www.paybook.co.za

Mpho Maredi


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Paid?

We pay you via ewallet from FNB at the end of the month once your balance reaches R100 or more, which we pay directly into your cellphone and you can withdraw this money at any FNB ATM. So all you need to have is a cellphone number.

How Much Can I Make A Month?

That depends on two things: how active you are; and how responsive your followers are. Some people have made R2000 in one month and some people have made very little. How active you are allows you to make more money even if you have a few friends and followers.

Why would I share the paybook default campaign?

Firstly, it’s the tutorial so it familiarises you with how paybook works. Secondly, each person you refer to the platform becomes part of your sales force, so any activity they generate on the platform you get commissions on. Thirdly, we open campaigns based on how many people you can refer to the platform. The more people the more campaigns.

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